The Biombrella Difference

Consulting in life sciences typically entails providing support for shaping the best patient outcomes through strategising business priorities and gaining market insights. Core R&D which builds the foundation towards a robust technology platform often remains unsupported by the traditional consulting houses. Biombrella steps up to this challenge.

We help you whittle away at your pet idea – be it engineering a strain to improve productivity of a secondary metabolite or designing a microbial vessel to carry out biotransformations. Our support does not stop here. We can assist with regulatory searches, patent landscape searches, literature searches to evaluate aspects such as novelty, safety and robustness of your new platform. We can help you write strong grant proposals to build the funds your growing business needs.

We are here to provide the technical know-how to build a robust biological platform of interest to your business.


“It was wonderful working with Shalaka on my project. She is so knowledgable and delivered my research very quickly and with a lot of detail. I will definitely be working with her again.” – Founder, Vegan nutritional supplements company, NSW, Australia

“Meticulous. Rapid turnaround. Exceptional all around. Highly recommended!” -Editor, Financial Wellness magazine, US

“Shalaka’s work wasn’t only rapid, but also expressed the strengths in her technical competency.” – Ed Hamdeh, Principal R&D, kbDNA Inc, Cambridge, MA.

“Shalaka is an amazing writer. Very thorough in her research . She is our go to for all of our complicated research work that needs to be done. Highly recommend.”- Product manager, Nutritional Supplements company, Austin, TX

“Based on our collaboration, I can say that Shalaka is a detailed oriented person with excellent work discipline. She is a very knowledgeable and has great communication skills, which helped us to work efficiently together. Our projects were always completed ahead of agreed timeline – indicating her care and dedication to achieving value to our company. I consider Shalaka as an asset for anyone who strives for professionalism and highly recommend her as a team member.” – Robert Thomas, Co-founder, Sextopedia, Los Angeles, CA

“Shalaka was prompt and professional in helping our team execute product research for a new, innovative drug discovery technology. Her insight was invaluable and I look forward to working with her again.” – Product manager, Life Science Technology company, NYC