Shopping Bags - Kraft Paper - 16 x 6 x 12", Vogue - ULINE - Carton of 250$96.00ULINEPaper · Bag



Shopping Bags - Kraft Paper - 16 x 6 x 12", Vogue - ULINE - Carton of 250 $96.00

ULINE Paper Bags are an essential item for any retail business. These shopping bags are made from high-quality Kraft paper and are available in the size of 16 x 6 x 12 inches, which is perfect for holding various items. The bags are designed in the Vogue style, giving them a sleek and fashionable look.

One of the main advantages of ULINE Paper Bags is their durability. Made from sturdy Kraft paper, these bags can easily withstand the weight of heavy items, making them suitable for carrying a wide range of products. Whether you need to pack clothes, books, groceries, or any other merchandise, these bags can handle it without tearing or breaking.

The 16 x 6 x 12-inch size of these shopping bags is another feature that adds to their versatility. This size is large enough to accommodate multiple items, yet not too bulky or cumbersome. Customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to carry their purchases without any hassle. Additionally, the dimension of these bags makes them suitable for various types of products, making them ideal for retail businesses that specialize in different merchandise.

Another aspect that makes ULINE Paper Bags stand out is their stylish design. The Vogue style gives these bags a modern and chic appearance, making them an attractive packaging option for any store. The sleek look adds a touch of sophistication to any retail experience. Whether you have a clothing boutique, a gift shop, or any other type of retail business, these bags will enhance the overall aesthetic of your brand and make a positive impression on your customers.

Furthermore, ULINE offers a carton of 250 bags for an affordable price of $96.00. This bulk packaging option is perfect for businesses that have a high volume of sales and need a constant supply of shopping bags. The cost per bag becomes even more cost-effective when purchasing in bulk, making it an economical choice for retailers. The durable nature of these bags also means they can be reused, providing additional value for both the business and the customers.

In terms of sustainability, ULINE Paper Bags are an excellent choice. Made from Kraft paper, these bags are biodegradable and recyclable. This eco-friendly aspect is an important consideration for businesses and customers alike. By opting for ULINE Paper Bags, retailers can demonstrate their commitment to the environment and align with the growing demand for sustainable practices.

In conclusion, ULINE Paper Bags are a reliable and stylish choice for any retail business. With their durable construction, versatile size, and fashionable design, they are perfect for carrying a wide range of products. The bulk packaging option and affordable price further make these bags a cost-effective choice for retailers. Moreover, their eco-friendly nature adds to their appeal, allowing businesses to align with sustainable practices. Invest in ULINE Paper Bags to enhance the shopping experience for both you and your customers.

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