Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12", 1 Mil, Clear - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-3202$29.00ULINEPoly Bag



Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12", 1 Mil, Clear - ULINE - Carton of 1,000

Poly Bags have become an essential packaging solution for businesses across various industries. These versatile bags offer durability, functionality, and protection, making them a popular choice for packaging and storing various products. One noteworthy product in this range is the Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12", 1 Mil, Clear by ULINE.

ULINE is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of packaging, shipping, and industrial supplies. The company offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12", 1 Mil, Clear is one of their top-selling items, thanks to its exceptional quality and value.

The dimensions of 9 x 12" make these poly bags ideal for accommodating a range of items. From small parts to clothing, these bags are spacious enough to hold various products securely. The 1 Mil thickness adds an element of sturdiness to the bags, ensuring that they can withstand various handling conditions without tearing easily.

One of the key features of these bags is their clarity. The clear design allows for easy visibility of the contents inside, making them perfect for items that require display or identification. This transparency also ensures that the product is easily recognizable, which can be useful for inventory or storage purposes.

The Poly Plastic Bags by ULINE are crafted from high-quality polyethylene material. This material offers excellent resistance against moisture, dust, and dirt, protecting the contents from potential damage. The bags are also FDA approved for food contact, making them suitable for packaging food items or storing ingredients securely.

With a carton of 1,000 bags, businesses can benefit from bulk purchasing, which saves time and money. The quantity provided by ULINE ensures a sufficient supply of bags for various packaging needs. Whether it's a small business looking to package their products or a large corporation with high-volume packaging requirements, the Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12" by ULINE are a reliable choice.

In terms of pricing, ULINE offers a competitive option with the Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12", 1 Mil, Clear. Priced at $29.00 for a carton of 1,000 bags, this product provides excellent value for money. The combination of quality, functionality, and affordability makes these bags a popular choice among businesses.

In conclusion, the Poly Plastic Bags 9 x 12", 1 Mil, Clear by ULINE are a reliable and cost-effective packaging solution for businesses. Their durability, clarity, and high-quality construction make them suitable for a wide range of products. With ULINE's reputation for excellence and competitive pricing, these poly bags offer a compelling choice for businesses looking for reliable packaging solutions.

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