LK Packaging CT1923WD T-Shirt Bag w/ Handle - 22"L x 12"W x 7" SG, 0.5 mil HDPE, White



LK Packaging CT1923WD T-Shirt Bag w/ Handle - 22"L x 12"W x 7" SG, 0.5 mil HDPE, White

LK Packaging is a renowned packaging company known for its high-quality products, and one of the most popular items in their range is the CT1923WD T-Shirt Bag with Handle. This bag is designed to cater to the needs of various industries, from retail stores to restaurants, making it a versatile packaging solution for businesses.

The dimensions of this T-Shirt Bag are 22"L x 12"W x 7" SG, which provides ample space for carrying a variety of items. Whether it is clothes, groceries, or other goods, this bag can accommodate them all without any hassle. The size is ideal for customers who prefer to carry their purchases without feeling overwhelmed by a bulky bag.

One of the key features of this bag is its material. It is made from 0.5 mil HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a durable and flexible plastic material that offers excellent strength and resistance to tearing or puncturing. This ensures that the bag can handle heavy items without the risk of breaking or tearing, making it the perfect choice for carrying groceries or other heavy objects.

The white color of the bag adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to its appearance. It gives a clean and pristine look that is visually appealing to customers. The color also allows for easy customization, as it can be easily printed with logos or designs to promote branding or marketing messages. This feature makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility in a subtle yet effective manner.

The inclusion of a handle in this T-Shirt Bag is another well-thought-out feature. The handle allows for easy and comfortable carrying, reducing the strain on the hands or wrists. It is ergonomically designed to provide a secure grip, ensuring that the bag remains securely held even when carrying heavy items. This makes it a convenient option for both customers and store employees, as it simplifies the process of carrying and transporting goods.

The 0.5 mil thickness of the bag provides optimum strength and durability, while also keeping it lightweight. Customers can carry multiple items without feeling burdened or restricted by a heavy bag. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the bag makes it an eco-friendly choice, as it reduces the overall carbon footprint associated with packaging and transportation.

Furthermore, the HDPE material used in this bag is FDA-approved for food contact. This makes it suitable for use in restaurants, grocery stores, or any other food-related establishments. Customers can confidently store their food items in this bag, knowing that it meets the necessary safety standards.

In terms of storage, the CT1923WD T-Shirt Bag with Handle is designed for convenience. The bags are compact and can be easily stored in shelves or under counters, minimizing clutter in the workspace. They are also conveniently dispensed from a roll, making it effortless to access a new bag whenever needed.

Overall, the LK Packaging CT1923WD T-Shirt Bag with Handle is an exceptional packaging solution that offers both functionality and aesthetics. Its size, material, and design make it a versatile option for a wide range of businesses. Whether in a retail store, restaurant, or any other establishment, this bag is a reliable and efficient solution that meets all packaging needs. Choose LK Packaging for a packaging solution that combines strength, style, and convenience.

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