Heritage - 13 gallons - 25 bags - Biotuf Compostable Can Liners - HERY4832EER01



Heritage - 13 gallons - 25 bags - Biotuf Compostable Can Liners - HERY4832EER01: The Future of Sustainable Waste Management


In the era of increasing environmental concerns, it is essential to adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives. Waste management is one such area that requires immediate attention, considering the enormous amount of waste generated daily. To address this issue, Heritage, a leading brand in the waste management industry, has introduced its latest innovation, the Heritage - 13 gallons - 25 bags - Biotuf Compostable Can Liners - HERY4832EER01. These compostable can liners are designed to revolutionize waste management and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Heritage is a well-established brand known for its innovative waste management solutions. With a keen focus on sustainability, the brand has continuously developed products that minimize environmental impact. The Heritage - 13 gallons - 25 bags - Biotuf Compostable Can Liners - HERY4832EER01 is the latest addition to their range of eco-friendly offerings. These can liners are made from Biotuf, a unique compostable material that offers a viable alternative to traditional plastic liners.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Compostable Material: The Biotuf compostable can liners are made from plant-based materials, such as cornstarch and other biopolymers. These materials are fully compostable, meaning they can break down naturally without harming the environment. This feature significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with waste management.

2. Strength and Durability: Although compostable, the Heritage can liners do not compromise on strength and durability. Designed to hold up to 13 gallons of waste, they are tear-resistant and capable of withstanding considerable weight. This ensures that they can effectively contain and transport waste without the risk of leakage or spillage.

3. Leak and Odor Resistance: One common concern with traditional plastic liners is their tendency to leak and emit unpleasant odors. The Heritage Biotuf can liners have been engineered to address these issues. They feature a leak-resistant design that prevents liquids from seeping through, minimizing the potential for mess and contamination. Additionally, they are odor-resistant, keeping unpleasant smells locked inside the liner.

4. Versatility: The Heritage can liners are compatible with most standard 13-gallon trash cans. They come in a pack of 25 bags, providing an ample supply for regular waste disposal. Whether used in homes, offices, or other public spaces, they offer a versatile option for waste management, promoting sustainability across various sectors.

5. Certified Compostable: To ensure the authenticity of their compostable claims, the Heritage Biotuf can liners have obtained various certifications from reputable organizations. These certifications include the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification and the ASTM D6400 certification. This guarantees that the can liners meet rigorous compostability standards and are backed by scientific testing.

Environmental Impact:

The Heritage Biotuf compostable can liners address some of the major environmental concerns associated with waste management. By using plant-based materials instead of traditional plastics, they significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, thereby lowering the carbon emissions associated with plastic production. Moreover, these can liners break down naturally in composting facilities, eliminating the need for traditional landfill disposal. This diversion from landfills helps mitigate environmental pollution, reduce methane emissions, and conserve valuable landfill space.


The Heritage - 13 gallons - 25 bags - Biotuf Compostable Can Liners - HERY4832EER01 represents an innovative step towards sustainable waste management. With their compostable material, strength, leak and odor resistance, versatility, and certification, these can liners provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic liners. By adopting these compostable can liners, individuals, residences, and businesses can make a significant contribution towards reducing waste, minimizing pollution, and preserving the environment for the future generations. It is this commitment to sustainability that sets Heritage apart and makes them a leader in the waste management industry.

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